Our story

Craftsmanship + passion


Ivy is the tangible result of 7 years of hard work in mobile app publishing.


As one of the leading mobile concept, design & app development firms in the Nordic region, we have been doing editorial design and developing award winning mobile news solutions on a case-by-case basis since the dawn of apps. Ever since 2008, we have challenged ourselves and our clients to pursue the mobile possibilities in the publishing space.

In 2013 we founded Ivy Engine as means of productifying all our knowledge,  experience and learnings from the digital publishing space. By wrapping our know-how in a modular and scalable SaaS solution, we want to empower a multitude of content producers, giving them tools they could never build themselves. As mobile technology keeps evolving fast, we believe most news & media companies should focus their main efforts on storytelling rather than spiraling into an extremely expensive software development pickup game.

We strongly believe that great journalism and content deserves to be presented in the best possible way. We believe that mobile is the spearhead of all digital channels – and that tools and output meant for print will never cut it in the digital space. We also believe that a great digital story will never reach its potential if it’s not wrapped in a great user experience. Hence our sincere interest in this space.


Say hello to Ivy Engine, a digital-first product. Built as if the print world did not exist. A blank canvas of opportunity. A future-proof way of going mobile, built by a tireless, passionate team of world class workers. And a time and resource saving product, giving you the possibility to tell great stories and package them the way you’d like – effortlessly.



Our mission is to provide a state-of-the-art mobile publishing solution that is flexible enough to grow and adapt with the ever changing mobile strategies of professional content producers.


Our tireless mission is also to turn any kind of content into a stunning, world-class user experience – using digital-first tools and as few resources as possible.

Also, unlike other platforms where you have to shave down your strategy to fit the strict confines of the app platform, our vision is that Ivy will always let you package, monetize and distribute your content in whatever way you’d like. We also want to inspire you to approach your users with a one-stop shop offering. Ivy lets you consolidate all your content into one sweet bundle.

Supporting a vast array of different publications, feeds, individual customization at publication level and streamlining planning, template editing and setting rules for automation, we promise that Ivy will continuously keep evolving to stay at the front of mobile publishing.


Ivy will provide the best and most flexible user experience platform for mobile content publishing.



The Ivy team has worked more on mobile publishing than almost any other team on the planet.


Under the Ivy umbrella, we have gathered seasoned mobile developers, designers, motion designers, concept gurus, testers, project managers, journalists and business developers with massive experience in delivering award winning mobile solutions for the media industry.

We are quality and test driven, ever committed to developing robust code and user interfaces that work in practice. Our success is humbly dependent on our clients succeeding. We’re in this together, and you’re in good hands.

Please have a look at the Case studies for more information regarding some of our client’s stories.