Berlingske Business wins European Newspaper Award

We are happy to announce that Berlingske Business, the financial news app for iOS and Android, has won the European Newspaper Award. Berlingske Business is a super flexible app experience built with flexible paywall and ad serving – and its design has also been crafted by Ivy.

“This is a proud moment for us”, says Product Owner Andreas Rønningen. “Berlingske Media is one of Europe’ most forward-leaning media companies, and working with them on this project has been a complete honor. To win this achievement is a lot of fun!”

Winning an award is cool enough, but the main prize is customer satisfaction and usage patterns. The Berlingske Business app generates 2-3 times as many page views and article views per user session when compared to its web equivalent.

The Berlingske Business app can be downloaded here (iOS) and here (Android).

The whole list of winners can be found here:

Jan Ove Kjøndal
November 18, 2016