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Ivy Engine.
Next-gen mobile publishing.

Say hello to Ivy, a future-proof, blazing fast app publishing platform for mobile screens.
With a myriad of flexibility regarding presentation, publication strategy, bundling options and monetization.
Easily connected directly to any content source, feed or CMS, giving your content a world class mobile user experience right out of the box.

Built by one of the strongest mobile teams in the world.


Change everything.
Without changing anything.

You have a current digital rig that you’re afraid to alter too much. That’s why we made sure that Ivy does not require you to throw away your current systems. Instead, we simply just integrate to your current setup – and boom. Your content looks amazing on mobile platforms.

Even with regards to the usage of personnel, you don’t have to spend more internal resources than you currently do.

Ivy can run fully automated based on the desking process in your CMS – or you can use man hours to create content with love if you’d like.

Wanna use your current ad server? Subscriptions? 3rd party user handling? No problem. We integrate so you can monetize your product the way you want.


Production Flow

Ivy connects to your infrastructure, enabling you to make fantastic mobile user experiences without abandoning your current setup.

Integrated to your content source.

Content source or feed. Méthode, Escenic, Polopoly, Wordpress or Newscycle? Proprietary feeds? No problem. Keep your infrastructure the way you want it. We simply integrate to it, and you’re good to go mobile.

Saving you time and money.

With Ivy, you can spend as little resources as you’d like. Organize and publish your content automatically or manually. Schedule content for future release, set up automatic feeds – or do both.

Instantly beautiful.

Thanks to our technology, your content looks dazzling on mobile and tablet from the moment you publish it. Instantly. You don’t need to do anything.

Always Flexible.

Tinker with your product strategy and monetization strategy whenever you’d like. Ivy is extremely flexible and adapts to your needs.

Why Ivy is the best solution for you.


It’s made for digital.

If you use print tools to make mobile content, you’re on a very wrong path. We’ve built everything to be mobile-centric. Join us embracing the future.


It’s flexible.

Like we said, getting started using the Ivy platform is easy. You can keep your current CMS. Bring your content and your publishing strategy. Incorporate your ad serving system. Monetize your products however you want. Style and refine them freely along the way.


It’s dead easy to produce.

The two pitfalls of multi-device publishing: Either to spend too much time creating and designing – or to make suboptimal user experiences to save time. With Ivy, you avoid both.


And it’s snappy.

Blisteringly fast loading, smart caching, beautiful transitioning and rock-solid code. Ivy is a native user experience that still keeps all the benefits from open web technologies.You’ll save a lot of time and money.


Automatic. Manually. Or both.

We’ve made all the steps of the publishing process flexible enough to suit your needs. I you want, you can make content manually, both in terms of WYSIWYG design and desking. If you don’t, you can just let our system take care of everything. Just update your CMS as always, and the apps will follow.


One gateway to the whole brand experience.

Our flexible homescreen ensures that all of your content can be packaged exactly the way you wish, all within the same app. Cross promoting content, rebundling content, and experimenting with free vs paid has never been easier.

Espen Olsen Langfeldt

Ivy Engine lets us make immersive, beautifully laid out content on several platforms at once. And it makes us do it really fast. Best of all: The user experience is fantastic.

Espen Olsen LangfeldtEditor in Chief, VG+

Even Teimansen

We see winning the WAN IFRA World Digital Media Awards 2015 as a distinct and warming confirmation that the choices we have made regarding mobile have been correct. This applies to both the content we publish, ...and for choosing Ivy Engine as the platform.

Even TeimansenProduct Manager, Aftenposten Mobile

Mario Garciá

Aftenposten+ is one of the very best newspaper tablet editions: clarity of navigation, excellent combination of short and long content. Good photography and an overall look and feel that reflect the spirit of Aftenposten. Bravo

Dr. Mario R. GarcíaCEO and founder of García Media